94 Red 3000GT  

This is a 1994 Red Mitsubishi 3000GT in good condition that is being sold whole or will be parted out as time goes on.  If your car is wrecked, THIS IS THE WAY TO GO!  Buy a whole car, use what you need and sell the rest and make money!  I do it all the time, but I have too many!  This is a 5 Speed V6 Front Wheel Drive with DOHC Engine.  Non-Turbo!  VIN: JA3AM45JXRY006409


It has no title, and is being sold "AS-IS" with a Bill of Sale. The story I have on this car is this was purchased about 7 years ago from a small dealership with a lien.  The dealer held the title. The lien was paid off about 4 years ago, but the title was never sent.  Now that person/dealer can no longer be located and the owner was tired of trying to deal with it.  Car is currently registered in Indiana, but the registration expired in July, 2011.  I have NO paperwork on this vehicle other than the Bill of Sale.  Please no more emails about how or *IF* you can get the title.  I don't know anything about nor can help you.  It is being sold as PARTS ONLY, and previous owner stated he would not be of any assistance to get a title either.  He is done with it. The DOHC engine and 5 speed transmission are now sold.  Pictures show the car dirty from sitting outside.  It is now stored inside.  Paint has some clearcoat peel. All exterior body parts are in good shape and appear original, but have some normal wear. tear, dings and dents you'd expect from an 18 year old car.  This car is now missing PS headlight, PS Fender, Front Bumper, Engine and transmission as of today! (3-24-15), but I am starting to sell more parts all the time.  This car will be gutted and scrapped this year! All parts are negotiable!!!  If you are interested in something email me with a fair offer (Check Ebay for used Generation II parts - Not common Gen I parts from 91-93). Also willing to trade for just about anything!

 I sell parts of these cars weekly so inquire if you are interested in anything.


Below is a video of the engine running on January 17th, 2012.  Engine has now been SOLD.


Don't see what you want listed?

 And I will let you know if it is still available.


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