94 White 3000GT  

This is a 1994 Pearl White Mitsubishi 3000GT  in great condition with only 68,000 Actual Miles!  This was a 5 Speed V6 Front Wheel Drive with DOHC Engine.  Non-Turbo! VIN:



This car is being parted out.  I have sold quite a bit off this car already. See pictures below for how car looks today.

As of Today 2/20/14 I have sold the engine, transmission, Seats, Wheels and Tires, Rear Lift hatch, Mirrors, PS Fender, Gas Tank and Fuel Pump, Door Panels, Hood, bumper, headlights, Window mouldings. Shift Boot and knob, and other items


Here is how this car looks today 2/20/14, sitting in my building

Don't see what you want listed?

 And I will start an Ebay auction for you.


It's old news but watch actual surveillance video of CROOKS stealing the wheels off my VIPER   Click HERE for details and Actual Video of the 2 guys Ripping them off!

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