1987 FZR750RT

#169 of 200



 1987 Yamaha FZR750RT. This bike is #169 of only 200 made for the US market. 25K Miles. To homologate the FZR for AMA racing, Yamaha had to bring 200 street-spec 750 into this country. The FZR1000 was actually a much more common bike and actually costs about $1000 less when they were both introduced. This bike escaped the racetrack, instead becoming a garage queen. The bike is entirely stock. Never safety wired, never put on the track. As you can see in the pictures, the only damage is a crack in the fairing at the right side front turn signal and a little bit of clear coat peeling off the left side of the solo cowl. The only mechanical issue on the entire bike is that the button which resets the odometer came off years ago. The valves have been checked and the carbs synched. This bike runs beautifully. Nothing to hide, like I said it runs flawlessly. I also have an original Yamaha shop manual, owners manual, and various magazine articles from when the bike was released.

While not quite a museum piece, it is a rare part of Yamaha's hugely successful racing program. While not as mechanically exotic as the FZR750RR (OW01), this was it's precursor.

Own a bit of history. They aren't going to make any more of these! These are harder to find than the elusive Honda RC30 and not near the price!

There is about a 1" crack right in the area of the buttpad. There is a crack at the turn signal. This occurred a few years ago when I took it in for carb sync and valve check. The shop dropped another bike into it while in their "care". There are also a couple of scuffs on the right side of the fairing. They were hit with touch up paint and were not caused by any kind of laydown. Another garage incident. Like I said, this bike isn't museum quality but is in very good shape. (Stand shown in photo's not included.) Thanks.

Engine: 750 cc I4 20 valve
Transmission: 6 speed
Horsepower: 118 bhp
0-60 Time: 3.0 sec
Top Speed: 155 mph
Fuel Efficiency: 30/40 mpg
Brakes: dual disc 300 mm / single disc 180 mm
Tires: 120x60x17 / 170x60x18
Weight: 345 lb
Miles Driven: 25,400 mi

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The following are hi resolution photos to show details. They were taken in low light so somewhat grainy. The bike was taken out of storage under dust cover and was dirty when these photos were taken by request. 

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While it lasts:  Here is a Youtube Video of a walk around of the bike and starting it on 11/8/11:



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