02 Echo 

2002 Green Toyota Echo Sedan

The #1 Most fuel efficient all gas vehicle sold in USA in 2002 (See below)

Automatic with @ 102,000 Miles

40 MPG Car - CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP to drive!


Excellent resell value! Hard to find for less than $5000!


Keyless Entry!

2 LCD monitors built into sun visors

Power locks and Tinted Windows

Upgraded Toyota Factory MP3/WMA CD Player installed


Note some of the pictures below were just taken in January 2012 before a trip to Paoli Peaks. 4 Adults and all Ski Gear including skis fit in/on this car!  (Ski rack NOT included!)

Actual Pictures shown below (Click for a full size view!)



Here is a 2002 Green Toyota Echo Sedan for Sale. Automatic. CD/Cassette.  It now has @ 102,000 Miles, but is likely to change.  I just recently took it on a 300 Mile Trip.  I bought this car from an insurance company with VERY MINOR front and rear damage.  Air bags NOT deployed.  It has a KY rebuilt title that can be licensed in any state. It had VERY minor damage, see before pictures below. If you are wanting superb gas mileage, this is the car for you! 35+ MPG city average and this one actually has power locks (Rare on an Echo!) with Keyless entry AND remote start!  $350 option!  Perfect on cold winter mornings when you don't want to go out and start your car.  Not to mention no one can steal it while it is running!  I also added Tinted Windows. Additional $185 - I have the receipt! (So no one has to see your driving an Echo!)

- A NEW factory OEM fit Toyota Yaris CD player with MP3 and MWA file capability.  IPHONE connector added to allow you to play your Iphone directly over cars speakers and charge it at the same time too! You can also watch movies from your ipod, iphone, or ipad through the LCD monitors in the sunvisors and hear them as well

- 2 LCD Monitors built into the sun visors.  Play movies directly from your i-devices

Below are two pictures of the car the day I bought it, so you can see the actual damage to the car.  Hard to believe it was "totaled" for this huh?  Seriously, that was it!  Aside from the small crease in the Driver's fender and a dent in the rear driver door and quarter and front bumper.  No damage to suspension, frame, Core Support, Radiator, or condenser. Air bags were NOT deployed!

I have owned MANY ECHO's and if you are looking for luxury, look somewhere else or buy a Lexus, but if you want a solid dependable car with GREAT gas mileage, this is your car! The Echo got the BEST gas mileage over any other gasoline car sold for many years and was THE most fuel efficient GASOLINE car made! Only the Hybrids and Turbo Diesels got better MPG. (The car has the extremely reliable and fuel efficient VVTi 4 Cylinder engine.)  Please email me with any questions!  I can sell or can keep it an continue to enjoy the gas mileage

It was hit very lightly in front (No Airbag deployment) and bumped in the rear. It has a crease in the back bumper, dent in rear driver door & quarter panel, some scrapes on the front bumper and driver fender was replaced with one with ground effects.  It also has NEW front brakes and rotors put on on 9/02/12.

I am a huge Echo fan and have owned several and actually have 3 of them now, I sold my 2000 & 2001 model on Craig's list earlier in the year.  Not affected by Toyota's Recalls either!  They aren't much to look at and certainly aren't luxurious, but they get you back and forth cheaper than almost ANY gasoline car made. You could spend $25,000 on a Prius and get 50 MPG or Spend $4000 on an Echo and get up to 42 MPG (which I have gotten in my 2000 5 speed) They really hold their value around this price range when gas is over $3.50, and typically sell for more than book, when you can find them.   Just check Auto trader! Cheap to insure, Easy to work on, not many power accessories to break.  Great car for Students

BTW - Did you know the Echo has the same engine as the New Prius and Yaris?  Only the Prius has the additional electric motor to help offset your gasoline usage, but the Echo has more horsepower.  Very Peppy little car!

It's the same engine as the Prius. The Echo weighs 987kg and the Prius weighs 1,300kg. The Echo uses the Otto cycle instead of Atkinson cycle. HP and torque ratings of the Echo motor and the Prius ICE motor:

Echo Sedan/Hatchback: 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE; 108 HP, 105 lb ft torque

Prius: 1.5 litre 1NZ-FXE; 76 HP, 82 lb ft of torque.
plus Electric motor --67 HP, 295lb-ft @ 0-1200rpm

You just can't beat the reliability and AWESOME gas mileage of these little "green" cars..... The Echo was the MOST fuel efficient ALL GASOLINE car made during those years - period. Only the Hybrids and Volkswagen Turbo Diesels got better MPG for the years they were made. I also have a 2007 Yaris now and it does not get near the 40+ MPG that the ECHO can get. See chart below!

Here's a list of the MSN top 10 MOST fuel efficient cars sold in North America (2002).  Notice the Echo is first in the list of GASOLINE ONLY cars.  Not to mention Diesel fuel now costs on average more a gallon than unleaded.


Best Fuel Economy Cars 

Other small cars make up the rest of the list. Here are the top ten fuel-efficient model lines as listed in MSN Autos, based on EPA data:



Honda Insight

61/68/64 mpg

Toyota Prius

52/45/48 mpg

Honda Civic Hybrid

46/51/48 mpg

Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI

42/50/45 mpg

VW New Beetle TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Volkswagen Golf TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

42/49/45 mpg

Toyota ECHO

35/43/38 mpg

Toyota Corolla

32/40/35 mpg

MINI Cooper

28/40/32 mpg

2002 Echo's had a timing chain, so there is no timing belt that needs to be replaced.  There are no problems with this car. Everything works. Heat and A/C work great.  Oil and Filter were just changed 12/12/12.  I would trust this car to drive to California tomorrow.  Car is pretty clean inside. The cheap interior in these cars tend to stain easily

It doesn't take much damage for the insurance company to total one of these little cars, even if the damage is slight since they are so inexpensive to begin with. No, I'm not a dealer or a car salesman. Like I said. I love these cars and try to buy them whenever I can with a little damage to fix them back up. (I also have 2 parts car Echo's) If you are interested let me know.  I get many requests for these cars with low mileage and then tend to bring top top dollar with today's gasoline prices. I typically hold on to these until gas hit's $4.00 or more a gallon and then you can't find them!  Just FYI...   Check autotrader.com to get an idea of prices on these before making an offer. 



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